Artist's Bio Vadim Grinberg


Vadim Grinberg was born in Odessa, Former Soviet Union.
In 1975 he received his Masters Degree from University of Odessa.
Despite a troublesome atmosphere in Soviet Russia, his talent was recognized and he participated in a number of important exhibitions.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 he move to USA.
The Art of V.G. is better described in the name BATCHART the movement he became founder off – an amalgamation of various vectored cultural, religious and philosophical tendencies that characterized life at the beginning of this century, Eclectic, Styleless, Multidirectional.
Working with unusual media like leather, wool, and aluminum make his work unique
. Grinberg’s works are widely collected and exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. His works find their home in public and private collections in the USA, Spain, France, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, England, Italy, and Switzerland.
Presently Vadim Grinberg lives and works in Los Angeles, Ca.