Artist's Bio Olga Tobreluts


In 1989, Olga Tobreluts graduated from the Architectural Technical Secondary School.
In 1991, she enrolled in a course in computer graphics at the Art Com Institute in Berlin.
Since 1993, she has actively worked with video and computer art.
In 1995, she received the Russian Presidential Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR. That same year, she received a prize for a video film with elements of animation entitled "Woe from Wit" at the festival "Third Reality," St Petersburg.
Since 1998, she has worked as a curator for many photography exhibitions at the photography center of the club "Mama."
Olga Komarova-Tobreluts is a pioneer in animation and computer graphic in St. Petersburg art.
For five years, she has actively worked in the area of electronic art.
She intentionally uses new media as a means of expressing her own system of poetics. This type of poetics is based on the dialectics of high and low academism: where the artist constantly strikes a balance between high-style classical models and low-brow, kitschy, and crude models.