First American solo exhibition THEREAFTER of large-scaled drawings of a Toronto-based artist Dmitry Gretsky, Russia’s most prestigious Kandinsky Prize Nominee and Canada’s Kingston Prize Finalist, joined by Evgenia Kats, was a tremendous success, and the gallery hosted a private reception and dinner for Mr. Gretsky and Ms. Katz, to give the artists a chance interacting more intimately with collectors and New York’s art-establishment.

At the dinner, Dmitry emphasized that drawing plays an essential role in his art, as of an otherwise a figurative painter’s. Dr. Alla Rosenfeld, a renowned art historian and former Russian Sotheby’s Director, held an exciting dialogue with Mr. Gretsky, which eventually involved all the evening’s guests.

Mr. Gretsky is an intellectual artist who has been creating holistic series for many years. He knows how to raise elements of ordinary life to the epic implementation. Conventionally trained in St. Petersburg, his unique versatility in choice of media and the obvious mastery of numerous complex techniques illustrate a determination to excel. The gallery also showcased non-traditional watercolors by a Repin State Arts Academy graduate Eugenia Kats, Dmitry’s wife. The artist analyzes and anesthetizes the world of pure elements while creating a real prodigy out of simple and ordinary objects.

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