Artist's Bio Mihail Aleksandrov


Mihail Aleksandrov was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in June of 1949.
At the age of twelve, he attended the Vilnius Art School for five years. After spending 1966 at the Vilnius Art Institute, he began studies at the Vilnius Pedagogical Institute; ultimately earning a degree in Russian Language and Literature in 1971.
Following graduation, Aleksandrov taught Art Technique at the local highcschool for nearly five years. While he continued to produce art during his teaching years, it was not until 1978 that Aleksandrov began selling his paintings through various art dealers in Moscow.
In 1979, he applied for an emigration visa. After a year and a half wait, Aleksandrov was granted a visa and moved to Los Angeles, CA. He spent one year in Los Angeles before moving to New York City in 1982.
Aleksandrov is working in his highly individualistic manner of painting, using forms and colors that transcend the physical into the spiritual. Aleksandrov’s spiritualism comes through in all of his paintings. The beings portrayed in his work all transcend to higher levels of spirituality, which is particularly apparent in their faces. In some sense they are messengers that bring visionary ideals to the world.