Artist's Bio Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev


Born in 1962 in Moscow.
Graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Academy, faculty of graphic art, specializing in painting, graphics and polygraphic design (1981 - 1986).
Since 1991 he is a member of the International Federation of Artists, UNESCO.
Since 1999 - a member of the Union of Photoartists of Russia.
1986 - 1992 - worked as the newspaper photographer for «Observator», «Panorama», «Le Figaro», «Hola», «La Vanguardia», «Tribuna d Actualidad», «Antenna Seminal», «Blanco and Negro», «El Tiempo de Viagar».
Since 1993 - as independent photographer for magazines: «House», «Voyage», «Maison Fransaise», «Mazonin» (the Attic), «Dorogoi» (Dear), «Bazaar», «Marie Clair», «ELLE», «Officiele», «Foto and Video», etc.. Cooperates with advertising agencies in advertising such projects as: Me&Erickson, Agei Tolili, Video International, «Service of landscape», «Freedman & Roise» etc.. Participates in the advertising companies campaigns of such companies as: «Samsung», «Sony», Toshiba, Kalinka Stokmann, Carlo Pazzolini, «Soveren», «Erickson», «Beline» etc..
Since 2000 - the instructor on subjects of «advertising photo and composition» at the faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University