Artist's Bio Vitaly Dlugy


Vitaly Dlugy was born in 1943 in Moscow.
He moved in 1949 to the Far East to join his father in exile, where he had been sent by Stalin.
After Stalin's death the family was allowed to move back to Moscow. He immigrated to the United States in 1980, and died in 1991 in New York.
Vitaly Dlugy was a pioneer of Symbolism and faktura expressive painting in the early 1970's, and developed a Russian version of Magic Realism.
During the mid-seventies, Vitaly Dlugy had participated in all non-conformist art exhibitions held in private apartments in Moscow.
In 1979, Dlugy was excluded from the Moscow Committee of Graphic Artists as a result of his participation in an unofficial exhibition entitled "Paris-Moscow" which represented various original developments in contemporary Russian art, not countenanced by the regime. At the same time, the KGB began to apply pressure on Dlugy due to the "unacceptable" nature of artistic endeavors. Eventually he was forced to leave Russia and immigrate to the United States.
Articles about Dlugy had been published in The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Times, and ArtSpeak among other newspapers and magazines in USA, Russia, France, and Israel.