Artist's Bio Elizabeth Grachev


Elizabeth Grachev was born November 17, 1937 in Moscow, Russia.
She attended the Textile Institute, Department of Applied Arts, Moscow 1957-1963.
She worked as an artist at KPI Center of Applied Arts, Moscow, 1964-1977.
The majority of her work involved the design and creation of large tapestries and theatre curtains, commissioned by the Soviet State.
Elizabeth Grachev was admitted in the USSR Union of Artists in 1970.
She married Yuri Grachev in 1963. Their daughter, Maria, was born in 1965.
She immigrated in 1977 from Soviet Union with her family, and moved to New York City, in the United States.
She worked as a free-lance artist in the USA. Elizabeth and Yuri, both artists, held full-time jobs. Yuri worked as a scenic artist at the Metropolitan Opera House for 10 years until he got sick. Elizabeth worked as a computer programmer at Lehman College for 18 years.
In December 2001, after her husband's death, Elizabeth participated (with four large oil paintings) in the Abstraction in Russia exhibition at The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Then together with the works of her late husband, Yuri Grachev, had a personal exhibition at The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.