Artist's Bio Dmitry Gutov


Dmitry Gutov was born in 1960 in Moscow.
He graduated from Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture of the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg in 1992.
He presently lives and works in Moscow.
The innovatory character of Gutov's works is in his surprising ability to create his own unique author's amalgam, a new aesthetical fusion from completely diverse sources – researches in pure painting, sometimes bordering on the abstract, graphic design, Eastern calligraphy, conceptual tradition, intellectual studies in Soviet and World Culture.
The phenomenon of Soviet Culture, which became the subject of analysis for Moscow conceptualists, was fundamentally rethought by Dmitriy Gutov.
He discovered the legacy of the Marxist philosopher of the Arts Michael Lifshitz – the live stream, which for the artist is full of topical ideas and connected not so much with the past, as with the future.
Dmitriy Gutov made his legacy topical, having created from it a regular intellectual event (The Lifshitz Institute). Spontaneous artistic work is often linked with the transformation of intellectual fetishes into the pictorial sensitivity of the traditional canvas.