Artist's Bio Olga Kisseleva


Olga Kisseleva was born in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1965 and she lives between St Petersburg and Paris.
In her artist’s works she mixes photography, video, installation and new media.
Her works were shown in l’ARC, Paris; State Russian Museum, St Petersburg; KIASMA, Helsinki; Musee Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid;, Venice (1999, 2001) and Istanbul (2001) Biennials, and in many other places for contemporary art.
Olga Kisseleva’s recent projects are: ”Where are you?”, “Who are you?”, “How are you?”, “What would you like to be?” and “Cinderella”.
The main problem, she trays to discuss with her pieces, is the WRONG & the TRUE, the FALSE & the FACTUAL, the REAL & the VIRTUAL. She is not especially passionate about the false or by the factual, by only about the MARGIN between the both. The reason is: actually we never know, what‘s real and what’s virtual, what‘s false and what’s factual. It concerns our everyday’s life, like food, plastic surgery; television and media, and even the official information, like during some wars...
Olga Kisseleva’s works fixes the point than the false becomes factual, the virtual becomes real, and vice versa.
Ph.D. from Sorbonne and from Saint Petersburg University, 1996, Olga Kisseleva teaches electronic art in University Paris X.