Artist's Bio Oleg Kudryashov


Born 1932 in Moscow, the artist studied in an art studio for youth from 1942 to 1947 and in Moscow at the Grabar Art School for Children from 1949 to 1951.
Having spent 3 years on the artist animator course at the Union Cartoon Studio (Souzmultfilm), Oleg Kudryashov joined the Moscow Organisation of Artists Union in 1961.
He was well known in avant-garde art circles but almost never exhibited together with other artists.
He emigrated in 1974, burning thousands of his works which he was not allowed to take.
The artist lived in London, where he was visited by G. Kostakis who praised the artist’s work, placing him above many of his contemporaries.
Oleg Kudryashov has lived in Russia since 1997.
The artist creates paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, linocuts and etchings using dry point on zinc and plastic, also large energetic monochromes (before 1980) and abstract colour compositions. He always makes only one impression. The next one is never the same, as he always adds something to the original drawing. The artist creates three-dimensional compositions out of these colour etchings. He has also made a number of large coloured steel sculptures.