Artist's Bio Mikhail Roginsky


Mikhail Roginsky, born in 1931, is an outstanding Russian artist, one of the leaders of Moscow non-conformist art, and the creator of the modern national visual method, with its laconic means and inner expressiveness.
Acknowledged by few in the 1960s, Roginsky turned to be one of the most important figures of Moscow art scene.
Mikhail Roginsky is famous for his genre paintings imbued with deep existential feelings. His works embody the return to the 60s: they depict people with blurred faces and slightly distorted proportions, a bit clumsy people, but having both feet on the ground.
Roginsky’s paintings are nostalgic, and they make one reflect on the destiny of mankind rather than the destiny of art.
In his paintings the artist restored to the world the feeling of some higher righteousness and appropriateness, even though the constant subject matter of his works was the oppressive reality of Soviet commonness which evoked no sentimentality or nostalgia in the artist.
Mikhail Roginsky died on July 5, 2004 in Paris.