Celebrating the 50TH Anniversary of ALPHA INDUSTRIES and release of THE ALPHA STORY by Alan Cirker with a book-signing party; presenting designs by Brian Wood

ALPHA INDUSTRIES, a major producer or MA-1 flight jackets since the 1950s, celebrated its iconic products and 50th anniversary by mounting an international traveling exhibition, premiering at Alexandre Gertsman’s gallery. The exhibit is made up of a series of Alpha MA-1 jackets, which are essentially a blank canvas, that have been creatively interpreted by well-known NYC-based artist/designer Brian Wood. The jackets designed by Mr. Wood, the Alpha’s famous vintage jackets, some American memorabilia, and the Russian artworks created a breathtaking and unique art installation. Alan Cirker, president of ALPHA INDUSTRIES, author and publisher of the book “The Alpha story,” held a book-signing for guests at the event.

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