The Dark Ash Films’ manmade event was a night to celebrate the birth of the new production company and its addition to new wave film. With a young, strong, and talented team, the Dark Ash strives to produce the most impactful and original projects with the perfect blend between classical beauty and modern twist. A charismatic duo of Dark Ash Films’ President Sean Russel Herman, an actor, writer, and producer, and the company’s Executive Director, actor and producer Paul Mara, presented their new company to a group or film, theater and art lovers.

Paul Gomez, Senior Director of Telemundo/ NBC, and filmmaker Abe Kasbo, CEO at Verasoni Worldwide, spoke highly about Mr. Herman and Mr. Mara.

Dark Ash Films is committed to bringing original screenplays to life, while focusing heavily on limiting their environmental footprint. They are trying being in a new wave of film and art, consciously looking for the most environmental friendly solutions to save our earth from its destructive path brought on by our human population. They work directly with environmental organizations around the globe, in hopes of preserving the beautiful world we live in.

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