After having presented his work earlier this year at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russian-Canadian artist Dmitry Gretsky had his first major American exhibition THEREAFTER at Alexandre Gertsman's Gallery. Mr. Gretsky, who is a Kandinsky Prize Nominee in Russia and a Kingston Prize Finalist in Canada, was joined at the exhibit by his wife and collaborator Evgenia Kats. The show was a tremendous success, and the gallery hosted a private reception and dinner for Mr. Gretsky and Ms. Katz, to give the artists a chance to interact with collectors and the New York art-establishment. At the dinner, Gretsky talked about the importance of his drawings in his body of work, and Dr. Alla Rosenfeld—a renowned art historian and former Russian Sotheby’s Director—held an exciting dialogue with Mr. Gretsky and the rest of the attendees.

Also was present another half-Canadian artist, but this time it was the “artistic product” of Ukraine’s Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts: sculptor Oleg Dergachov. Mr. Dergachov—who continued his studies in Germany and Poland—works with cartoon, paintings, graphics and has won over 70 international art awards. His exhibit was held at the gallery, while his work can be found not only in major art museums of his native Ukraine and Russia, but also at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Mediotheek of the Bobur, Centre Georges Pompidou, and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in Iran, among other museums worldwide.

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