Book-signing party for KEYNE HAYEK: THE CLASH THAT DEFINED MODERN ECONOMICS by Nicholas Wapshott, hosted by Louise Nicholson and Alexandre Gertsman, November 17, 2011

The W W Norton publication of Nicholas Wapshott’s KEYNES HAYEK: THE CLASH THAT DEFINED MODERN ECONOMICS was celebrated at the gallery, with Nicholas signing the book for his guests and admirers. A prominent British journalist and writer, he is a Reuters contributing columnist and an online content consultant to a number of media and private clients. He was the editor of The Times Saturday edition as well as the founding editor of The Times Magazine. Nicholas has written a number of biographies including the one of Margaret Thatcher. He is a regular guest on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, and The Charlie Rose Show. He helped Tina Brown to launch The Daily Beast and was a consultant to Oprah Winfrey's website

Nicholas moved to New York in 2001, after he was appointed North America Correspondent of The Times. He later began writing business features and news stories for The Sunday Telegraph, followed by joining The New York Sun as national and foreign editor. Together with Alexandre Gertsman, the reception was co-hosted by Nicholas’s wife, Louise Nicholson, author, academic and expert on the culture of India.

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