The Ecuadorian-American performance artist Carlos Lolito Vargas created for the gallery a new performance piece, “The Golden Disproportions”, which was received by the guests with great enthusiasm. The performance was his artistic response of a Latin emigre artist currently living in the multicultural world of New York. As a connoisseur of European literature and film, he toys with images and symbols. In his trademark playful and provocative way, he plays with adolescent sensuality of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita and creates her male-version – Lolito, a non-aging persona trapped in his era/Eros. In his “Disproportions” piece, Vargas asks people to find imperfections or “accidents of his body”, which he changes into shiny decorations. By provoking viewers to critique him, he is able to convert what they think could be improved into accessories that transform him into King Midas, a golden divinity.

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